I am a visual artist based in Athens

I was born in Athens, in 1971.  I studied Business (BA Hons) and Management (MSc) at Brunel University in London. I completed a course in Philosophy of Mind at the University of Oxford and attended a two-year programme in Drawing and Painting in Athens, taught by the painter Mariela Konstantinidou.

Before turning to art full-time, I worked in the advertising industry as well as for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games Organising Committee, while I also managed my privately-owned boutique hotel in Naxos, Greece.

Since 2011, I have been systematically engaged in painting, having presented my work in eight solo and over sixty group exhibitions, in art galleries and contemporary art fairs in Greece and abroad. In 2013, I was awarded first prize at the international art competition Mitteleuropa Prix International by the Ufofabrik Contemporary Art Gallery in Italy.

I consider myself an impulsive artist and am interested in painting what I feel, not what I see.  To me, the canvas is a space in which my mind can be totally free.  The more I paint, the more I explore my mind, discover it, love it, and set it free. I create my works directly on the canvas, without a prior rough sketch, guided by purely exploratory processes. One might say that abstract painting is my inner journey for searching my soul and rendering human emotions through colours, shapes and an array of techniques.  I prefer working with large formats because it allows me to become one with the colours and shapes and to directly depict my emotions. 

My artwork is part of private collections in Greece and abroad and has been exhibited at the OTE Group Telecommunications Museum and the Copelouzos Art Museum in Athens as well as the Carris Museum in Lisbon.

I live and work in Athens.


  • Mitteleuropa Prix International Art Prize, Italy, 2013:

    Award winner

  • Abstract Art International Competition, Florida, 2013:

    Award of Merit

  • Global Art Awards, London, 2013:

    In the 20 finalists


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