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Soul Series

In the ethereal realm of the Soul Series, the artist embarks on an introspective odyssey, delving into the profound depths of self-discovery, personal growth and transformation. The canvas becomes a sacred vessel for the expressive power of colours, an alchemy of emotions rendered through a diverse array of techniques. Bold and unbridled compositions dominate, their essence captured by a gestural script and liberated brushstrokes, each stroke with an emphasis on the spontaneous expression of feeling.

Blossom Series

Within Blossom Series, the artist crafts a narrative textured and sculptural, a poetic dance across the canvas inspired by the enchanting hues of spring. These paintings unfold like petals, a visual manifestation of nature’s grand tapestry during the blooming season. A metaphor for growth and expansion, the series symbolizes the embrace of new beginnings in life, mirroring the perpetual cycle of renewal found within the blossoming flora.

Stripes Series

The Stripes Series draws inspiration from the purity of straight lines in geometric precision. Each line of colour is a contemplative exploration of stability and tranquillity when displayed horizontally. Vertical arrangements, on the other hand, evoke a sense of reaching skyward—an expression of freedom and strength, an ascension towards boundless possibilities. The dichotomy within this series mirrors the equilibrium between grounded stability and the unrestrained pursuit of heights, inviting viewers to engage with the harmonious dance between structure and liberation.

“The canvas is a space where my mind can roam completely free”